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The Connection Between Men’s Hair Loss and Testosterone

Dihydrotestosterone is an androgen hormone and a by-product of testosterone. It is one of the main causes of male pattern baldness. While men can lose their hair for other reasons such as stress and illness, Dihydrotestosterone may be the leading cause of hair loss amongst men. Dihydrotestosterone in itself does not cause hair loss, but rather […]

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is the loss or thinning of hair. There are two main types of alopecia: • “Scarring”, in which hair follicles are destroyed • “Non-scarring”, which can be reversed because there are still hair follicles within the skin. Use of the words “scarring” and non-scarring” can be confusing and misleading because they do not necessarily […]

Temporary Home Treatments for Thinning Hair

While it is never recommended to delay professional treatment for any potential medical condition including hair loss, there are some things which may help temporarily reduce your symptoms until you have a chance to see a trained hair loss specialist. Remember, only professionals can truly identify the cause of the problem and suggest more permanent […]

Completely Hairless Man Grows Full Head of Hair in Drug Trial

It has been reported in the news recently that a 25 year-old man has grown hair as a result of a Yale drug study. The man suffers from Alopecia Universalis, which is a rare disease that causes the loss of almost all hair on the entire body. He started growing hair on his head and […]