Monthly Archives: May 2015

“Bald Celebrities with Fabulous Hair”

A tumblr page recently posted a series of mock-up pictures of what bald celebrities would like if they had hair. Among them are Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Larry David, Dr. Phil, and Patrick Stewart:   Some of them are rather amusing and make you wonder how close to reality they could be. If you have […]

Spring Cleaning Your Scalp

Good scalp hygiene is important all year round but it is extra important in the spring, summer, and fall when we tend to sweat more. We sometimes don’t realize that our scalp is just like the skin on our face and it can sometimes benefit from a good deep cleansing. Apple cider vinegar is one […]

Bruce Willis Brings Back His 1985 Hair

Bruce Willis, who has had a smooth scalp for years, brought back his 1985 look on a recent David Letterman show appearance: If you wish that you had the same amount of hair now that you had back then, the hair experts at New England Associates® can help. Laser treatments, medications, hair replacement systems, and […]