Monthly Archives: February 2018

NEA Styling Lotion™

Styling tools that heat, blow driers, flat irons, curling irons etc, can cause damage to your hair that may be irreversible. If you’re using these items always follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the lowest heat settings possible. It’s important to utilize a thermal protector like NEA Styling Lotion™ which protects the hair as well […]

NEA Conditioning Glaze™

Is your hair sometimes a little unruly? If you want to gain control and don’t want a product that makes your hair stiff or sticky then NEA Conditioning Glaze™ is the product for you. Highly concentrated, 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand is all you need (1 drop is plenty for shorter hair […]

More French Fries = More Hair?

“Would you like fries with that?” Maybe it isn’t a bad idea to say yes sometimes. Not only are they delicious, news came out this month from a number of different sources ranging from local news outlets to national news sources such as Newsweek, all abuzz over a new study out of Japan saying that […]

“Hair Whip Wednesday”

A few weeks ago on the TV show “Shark Tank” there were a couple of guys with great-looking long hair:   Among the pitch for their products and online community for men who have long hair, they showed part of a video of one of them attempting a world record for doing “hair whips” in […]