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Is Summer-Swimming Hurting your Hair?

Quite possibly. Salt water in the ocean, as well as chlorine in pool water, can both easily damage our hair. Especially considering that blazing hot sun and high heat and humidity are often problems too. If you’re enjoying time outdoors hiking or golfing or puttering around in your garden, try to cover your hair and scalp […]

Summer Hair Loss

Do you notice more hair falling out this summer? Hair loss in summer is quite common but it can often be controlled if cared for properly. Here are some things that you can try to help minimize summer hair loss: • Do not expose your scalp to too much harsh sunlight. A loosely-wrapped scarf can […]

Keeping Your Hair Fresh and Vibrant During Hot Summer Months

Summer is a great time to go outside, let your hair down, and have some fun! Only one problem: the harsh summer heat could be damaging your hair. There are many different ways you could help protect your hair and scalp from even the hottest of summer days.   Tip 1: Cover up your hair! […]

Summer Hair Advice

As we head into the hotter summer months, it’s good to start thinking about what you should do to keep your hair healthy all season. A moderate amount of exposure to the sun is safe and it helps naturally raise your body’s Vitamin D levels, but too much of it can be bad, especially when […]

“Hair Whip Wednesday”

A few weeks ago on the TV show “Shark Tank” there were a couple of guys with great-looking long hair:   Among the pitch for their products and online community for men who have long hair, they showed part of a video of one of them attempting a world record for doing “hair whips” in […]

If You’ve Noticed You’re Shedding More Hair This Month, You May Not Be Imagining It

The British news website Metro reports that some people are apparently seeing more shedding than what they usually see. They referenced a study that looked at “Google searches related to hair loss from January 2004 to October 2016 in eight different countries. They found that across all eight countries in both hemispheres, summer followed by […]

Untangling Long/Thin Hair

With summer in full-swing, it’s a shame if you can’t enjoy going out on a boat or going out for a drive with your windows or sunroof open because your long and/or thin hair constantly gets tangled. If you avoid the fresh air because of such tangles, here are a few tips that may help […]

NEA Healthy Hair by New England Associates®

How do you get your hair to look shiny and feel silky in a few short seconds? I’m walking through the waterfront in Boston the other day when I notice a person standing by the docks remove their hat and struggle with their hair. When they put their hat on, the fibers in the hat […]

Spring Cleaning Your Scalp

Good scalp hygiene is important all year round but it is extra important in the spring, summer, and fall when we tend to sweat more. We sometimes don’t realize that our scalp is just like the skin on our face and it can sometimes benefit from a good deep cleansing. Apple cider vinegar is one […]