David Cassidy

His great head of hair helped him to become a teen heartthrob from the moment we first saw him on The Partridge Family TV show in the 1970’s. Girls wanted to be with him and guys wanted to have his hair.

Even though he wore his hair much shorter in recent years, he still had plenty of it. Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as he was to be blessed with full hair throughout most of their lives, however the hair loss experts at New England Associates® can help you get your hair back to the thickness and fullness you may have had in the 1970’s or whenever your younger years were.

Options include laser hair therapy treatments, non-detectible hair replacement systems, hair transplants, and more.

It starts with a simple free and easy consultation at one of our locations. If you can’t make it in person, you can call us at 1-866-HairStart and we can discuss your hair loss and suggest products from www.HairStartOnline.com that you can order and have delivered right to your door in discreet packaging.

At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair, and making the right choice to solve problems, matters!

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New England Associates® knows that hair loss is as individual as you are. For the past 35 years, the goal of New England Associates® has been to help people of all ages restore their hair and regain their confidence. Founded in 1982, New England Associates® is one of the only accredited Hair Replacement businesses at the Better Business Bureau® in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont. We are also proud members of the American Hair Loss Council.