Do Something Tonight That Will Curl Your Hair!

The wavier/curlier hair style is making a comeback so if you’re looking for that look, look no further than here for wavier, even curlier hair advice, in minutes.

Clean healthy-looking hair is essential to look good so before styling, cleanse your hair with a gentle shampoo (NEA Shampoo or HairStart® Gentle Cleanse™), add a little protein, condition, rinse and blot dry.

Now we’re ready for some hot roller or curling iron action. (Hot rollers, blow dryers and curling irons get very hot and may create a hazardous situation. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using these products.)

Allowing your hair to dry naturally is best but if you’re pressed for time, turn on a hand-held blow dryer and lightly dry your hair using your hands and/or a brush. Move your hair around and remember the finish style won’t look like this lol.

Using the long end of a rat-tail comb (or any comb or brush you are comfortable with) take a small section of hair that you will be rolling, approximately 1/2 to 1 inch wide by 2-3 inches long, and lightly spray with NEA Styling Lotion from your roots to the ends of the hair. Comb it through then roll your hair around the roller or curling iron. Repeat with similar sized sections throughout your hair.

Apply all the hot rollers one at a time in a similar fashion, then once all rollers have cooled, remove them in the same order you added them, trying to maintain the curl set until all curlers are removed.

When using a curling iron always keep the iron slowly spinning in the same direction you wrapped the hair in, and after one section is complete, slide the iron out of the hair curl and move on to the other section, again trying to maintain the curl set.

Now that all rollers are removed or curling iron work is finished, confirm that your hair is cooled and no longer warm from the rollers/iron.

Finish style with a wide-tooth comb or hands, combing and styling hair into desired style. The NEA Styling Lotion you applied earlier with help hair maintain this style longer, while allowing the hair to move freely and naturally.

For a slightly more secure hold apply a light mist of NEA Mirage or Firm Hairspray; whichever is your preference.

So do something tonight that will curl your hair and see if you like the look!


* Fun Hint. Don’t feel like you have to wave all your hair at once. Curl up the top and leave the sides as is. Wave up the base of hair for one effect or just the ends for an entirely another. Looking for other advice to help your hair look thick and full? Schedule a free consultation with an image consultant at New England Associates® and Look As Good As You Feel!™

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Credit: Pam