‘Hair Doctor’ Explains why Vegetarianism has led to Increased Hair Loss for Some

Around a year ago we wrote about a news article that cited a lack of animal protein as a reason for hair loss in Millennials.

Last week an article came out about a Trichologist (a ‘hair doctor’) who reinforces that theory and adds that vegetarianism and veganism have caused an increase in hair loss, especially among young women.

She says that her London clinic is seeing more cases of a type of hair loss known as “telogen effluvium”, and “points to the rise of nutritional deficiencies caused by fad diets, as well as the popularity of veganism and vegetarianism.”

Telogen effluvium is a reactive hair loss, which means that it happens as a result of something else, unlike the type of thinning hair many of us get as we become older. The doctor says it “can be the result of stress, being unwell, having a fever, or of a nutritional deficiency.”

She goes on to say “If you’re not eating enough of the correct foods or your body is not absorbing enough of the nutrients, this can result in excessive shedding.”

“Iron is really, really important, particularly for women who are menstruating,” she notes. “And the iron in dark leafy greens like spinach and kale is actually very difficult for the body to absorb — you might only be getting about 3% of it.”

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