Help Keep Your Hair Happy Going into the New Year

Many people go out on New Year’s Eve and enjoy some adult beverages or partake in a champagne toast at midnight. For most people, done safely and in moderation (and never driving after drinking), this should be ok. However, excessive alcohol consumption can be bad for our hair (not to mention other potential health and safety issues when judgment and common sense are compromised and potentially lead to decreased care and caution).

Alcohol is a diuretic so it causes accelerated dehydration in our bodies. A lack of body fluid causes hair to become dry. The problem with this is that dry hair is weak and brittle and more prone to split ends and other damage.

Excessive alcohol consumption can deplete levels of iron in the body which lead to hair loss. It can also trigger a zinc deficiency in the body which has also been shown to cause hair loss. Excessive consumption can also affect levels of estrogen which can result in hair loss in women. In addition, constant consumption of alcohol can also lead to lower levels of vitamins B and C as well as folic acid, which are all vital in maintaining healthy and strong hair.

Most of the time there isn’t a need to worry about long-term effects on your hair after having just a few drinks here and there. However if you are concerned that you may be drinking a little too much, you can contact your doctor to find out more about the effects of alcohol on your body and search the Internet for some of the resources available to help you cut down or stop.

Treatment of minor hair dryness after an occasional night out on the town can be as easy as cutting down on alcohol consumption or giving it up altogether. Typically it is not a lasting problem and can be helped with something like New England Associates® Moisturizing Formula Conditioner or HairStart® Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment. And losing small amounts of hair is quite normal. But it is possible that other factors such as aging and nutrition, along with the consumption of alcohol, can shorten the lifespan of hair and result in hair loss. The time to start worrying is when your normal pattern of hair loss changes.

If you are worried about losing too much hair or if your hair remains too dry and brittle after cutting down on alcohol, you may want to consider seeing a specialist for a hair and scalp examination. The professionals at New England Associates® will perform such an exam and identify the cause of your symptoms and help you review your options and solutions.

If you are interested in discussing more of this with an expert, contact New England Associates® today. At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair, and making the right choice to solve potential problems, matters. We encourage you to take the time and review the possibilities and come in for a no cost, no obligation private hair loss consultation.

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