How Much Everyday Hair Loss Is Normal?

If you feel like you’re losing hair, you are certainly not alone. We have all seen hair in the drain and wondered if it is something we should worry about. It may or may not be.

The average person can lose as much as 100 hairs a day which may appear to be worse if the hair is long and appear worse if you wash your hair only once or twice a week when several days’ worth of shedding comes out at once.

Things like hair coloring/bleaching and straightening/relaxing damage and weaken hair which can lead to breakage that looks like even more hair loss.

And there are a number of factors that can temporarily cause a little extra shedding such as a diet, excess stress at home or at work, colds and flu, and change of season. Usually once such things have returned to normal and your body has had a chance to recover, your hair should stop the extra shedding and grow back as usual.

If you are worried that you are losing more hair than you are growing, it is best to get checked out as soon as possible before it becomes a bigger problem. There are a number of different things that can be done to encourage more hair growth as well as many ways to replace hair that isn’t growing back.

A hair and scalp examination is the first step to take. While under a microscope, the professionals at New England Associates® can show you hair that you may not see growing on your own, and we can identify any problem areas where hair may not be growing as it should and then help you with the options and solutions that would be best-suited for you to get that hair back. If you are interested in discussing more of this with an expert, contact New England Associates® today.

At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair, and making the right choice to solve problems, matters. We encourage you to review the possibilities and come in for a no-cost, no-obligation private hair loss consultation. Contact New England Associates® to find out what can be done to help any hair problems that you may be having.

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