Is This a Conditioning Treatment or a Styling Glaze?

NEA Conditioning Glaze

NEA Conditioning Glaze

Is this a conditioning treatment or a styling glaze?

The title may cause confusion so let me clear this up once and for all. NEA Conditioning Glaze is a styling glaze… that conditions your hair. So you look as good as you feel!

And what’s the best way to utilize the benefits of Conditioning Glaze?

Start out with clean, conditioned hair by cleansing with a shampoo built with quality ingredients like NEA Shampoo or HairStart® Gentle Cleanse™, and condition hair with NEA Protein Spray and quality conditioners like NEA Low Soft Conditioner or HairStart® Condition 25™.

Squeeze a small amount of Conditioning Glaze onto your hands (about the size of a dime or larger depending on hair density and length) and distribute through damp hair. Style with brush, comb, irons curlers or dryers to preferred style.

For a more casual look, after applying Glaze, comb or brush hair into place and allow to dry naturally. Once dry, run your hands through your hair to break up style.

You can even scrunch your roots to the ends all the way around your head (while hair is still damp) and let hair air dry if desired (gives a wavy to curly appearance). The final style is up to you but we encourage you to try these different tips with Glaze to see the varied effects.

Have fun and Look As Good As You Feel!™


*HINT: If you desire a little more hold once completed, finish with a light spray of NEA hairspray, light or firm hold depending on the desired effect.


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Credit: John F.