Is Your iPhone Pulling Out Your Hair?

First there was “BendGate” when users of the new iPhone 6 worried that their high-end device would irreversibly bend out of shape, and now there is “HairGate” and “BeardGate”.

Some iPhone 6 users are saying that the device is literally pulling out their scalp hair and facial hair when they hold it to their ear. The culprit is supposedly a seam between the glass screen and the phone body which is allegedly prone to grabbing stray hairs and not letting go.

If not stopped, hair-pulling and strain and stress on hair can lead to potential problems such as “Traction Alopecia” down the road.

If you are worried that your hair is being pulled out for any reason, the best thing to do is contact an expert who has been specifically trained in hair loss. The professionals at New England Associates® will provide a physical microscopic examination of your hair and scalp to identify the cause of your symptoms and help you review options and solutions that can work for you.

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