Jon Snow, Our ‘Game of Thrones’ Hero, Is Inspiring Men to Perm Their Hair

Call it the “Merm” but don’t call it a fad. Kit Harington is turning up the heat on hot-looking hair! Hoai-Tran Bui from USA Today recently interviewed celebrity stylist Dianna Schmidtke about the recent uproar for the “Merm”, the cold wave man perm.

Hoai-Tran Bui writes for USA Today, “Kit Harington’s luscious locks may have inspired men to head to hair salons and barbershops in an attempt to replicate those glorious curls — with a modern twist, of course. The soft, tousled waves — not at all like the tightly-wound ‘70s and ‘80s curls that we associate with men’s perms — are often partnered with a high and tight haircut.”

And for men with thinning hair, the Merm may have even more benefits. It may make your hair look thicker!

At New England Associates® we understand the concept of the Merm AND we understand thin-looking hair. Sometimes the best defense against thin-looking hair is also the quickest.

But is the Merm for you? And will it make your hair fuller and thicker-looking?

Let’s find out. Arrange your consultation and we’ll have a style consultant examine your hair and discuss the advantages of the Merm with you, no charge or obligation. And if the Merm is the way to go for your thinning hair, we’ll start right away. Contact NEA today to arrange your HairStart®!


Credit: JohnF