National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is “National Hair Loss Awareness Month”. But the millions and millions of people who are affected by some sort of hair loss are already very aware of it.

Hair loss can come in many different ways and be caused by many different factors. It can be Alopecia areata which is a condition where the body’s immune system attacks its own cells instead of bad cells such as bacteria and viruses, and it inadvertently attacks hair follicles. Hair loss can be age-related; about half of women start to see some thinning over the age of 50 and about 2/3 of men will start to see it in their 30’s with about 85% of men having it by the age of 50. It can be genetic and run in people’s families. It can be caused by medical conditions and medications needed for those conditions. It can be caused by improper hair care and abuse of the hair such as pulling and tugging, harsh chemicals, and even improper nutrition.

No matter the reason, it can be very challenging and frustrating since hair is associated with identity, sexuality, social status, power, and age. It is often more difficult for women to deal with because of the stigma attached to hair. Hair loss can make us feel unattractive and it can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and low self-image.

The hair loss experts at New England Associates® have over 35 years of experience in helping people determine the cause of their particular problem and helping them with treatments and solutions. If you are beginning to see some extra hair on your pillow or in your shower drain, don’t wait until next August to get yourself checked out because losing too much hair can make it more difficult to stop the loss and more difficult to get hair to come back.

The professionals at New England Associates® can evaluate your hair and scalp right away. It is done with a very powerful computerized microscope that will show the condition of each individual hair follicle and as well as all areas of the scalp. Then if needed, the team of experts will help you review all of the options and possibilities that would be best-suited for you and your lifestyle.

It all starts with an easy no-cost, no-obligation private consultation that you can schedule just about any time. Contact New England Associates® today at 1-866-HairStart or to set up a time when you can visit us at one of our locations. If you can’t make it in-person, we can help you decide which of our products at may be the best for you to order and have delivered to your door.

At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair, and making the right choice to solve problems, matters!

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New England Associates® knows that hair loss is as individual as you are. For the past 35 years, the goal of New England Associates® has been to help people of all ages restore their hair and regain their confidence. Founded in 1982, New England Associates® is one of the only accredited Hair Replacement businesses at the Better Business Bureau® in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont. We are also proud members of the American Hair Loss Council.