NEA Healthy Hair by New England Associates®

How do you get your hair to look shiny and feel silky in a few short seconds?

I’m walking through the waterfront in Boston the other day when I notice a person standing by the docks remove their hat and struggle with their hair. When they put their hat on, the fibers in the hat might have created static, maybe they had old hair spray layered on their hair, or maybe their hair is damaged, I’m not sure, but their hair looked harsh and judging by the look on their face, I believe they have seen happier mornings.

I thought, if they had used NEA Healthy Hair, would they be having a better day?

NEA’s Healthy Hair protects hair by sealing it against harsh elements while enhancing your hair’s appearance with a healthy-looking shine. Healthy Hair effectively combines two separate silicone compounds, one synthetic and one natural, with organic compounds that have vitamin E activity. Benezophene 4 is added to stabilize the product even under harsh summer sun. With the correct custom blend, this product outshines similar products in the industry.

Only a few (2-3) drops are needed. Apply directly to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together then gently distribute through your DRY hair. (If any product remains on your hands simply wipe away if desired.) When applied on hair or skin, it gives a silky feeling to the touch and acts as a mild water repellent by forming a protective barrier.

Available in a 2 oz bottle, NEA Healthy Hair’s convenient size assures you can always keep it nearby to be added to hair as desired.

(And remember, NEA and HairStart® products are NEVER tested on animals.)

Credit: JohnF