OMG Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair!

There was buzz around the Internet and the celebrity gossip sites about Justin Bieber dying his hair blonde a few weeks ago. While it isn’t always a bad thing to change your hair color once in a while, here are some things to consider before going forward with it yourself:

• Hair dyes can cause problems such as burning, itching, redness, or raw scalp skin. Other more severe problems include swelling in the face, trouble breathing, hair damage, and hair loss.

• There are different types of hair dyes. Some are just temporary and will wash out with shampoo while others are more permanent and cannot be washed-out.

• Keep hair dyes out of the reach of children.

• If you have long hair and are considering donating it for charity in the future, be advised that some of the most popular organizations do not accept hair that has been dyed or bleached or otherwise chemically treated.


Here are some ways that you can use hair dye more safely:

• Always follow all directions carefully and pay attention to all cautions and warnings on the labels and instructions.

•  Do a test on a small patch on your body before dying your hair. Apply a tiny bit of the dye on an inconspicuous spot and leave it there for two days. If you get a rash, do not use that dye on your hair.

•  Do not leave dye on longer than the directions say you should.

•  Thoroughly rinse your scalp with water after dyeing.

•  Wear gloves when you apply hair dye.

•  Don’t mix different hair dye products.

•  Never dye your eyebrows or eyelashes. The FDA does not allow it because it can hurt your eyes and possibly even make you go blind.


If you are considering a major hair color change like Justin did, here are some things to consider:

•  Let a professional do it at a salon.

•  Think about your skin tone and eye color and choose a color that will complement and enhance your natural features. Some colors can highlight those features as well as camouflage other features. For example if you have wrinkles and/or circles under your eyes, you should avoid very dark hair colors because those tend to draw attention to shadows and lines in one’s face.

•  If you’re thinking about a major hair color overhaul, you will probably need to change your makeup colors as well. Typically, the lighter the hair color, the lighter the makeup and the darker the hair color, the darker the makeup.

•  Consider your emotional status. If you just broke up with someone, or are really angry or upset or sad, lost a loved one, or lost your job, or are going through any kind of traumatic experience, you should really avoid a drastic permanent change. You can always wait until things calm down and try the change at a better time in your life so you don’t regret doing something that you can’t easily fix right now.

•  People are going to notice. You should be mentally prepared for comments and feedback which may not always be positive.

•  Think about the health of your hair. If your hair is compromised in any way now, coloring could make it worse. A professional should be able let you know if your hair is healthy and strong enough for a change.


If you suspect that you may have hurt your hair or scalp, you should contact an expert who has been specifically trained in hair and scalp issues. The professionals at New England Associates® can perform a physical examination of your hair and scalp to identify any problems and help you review your options and solutions. If you are interested in knowing more, contact New England Associates® today.

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