Sports and Hair Loss

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Forty percent of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35. Embracing hair loss sounds easy, but to some it isn’t. Some men will go to great lengths to revive, hide and disguise their thinning hairlines. Men who play sports run the risk of thinning hair because of sweat, hats and helmets. Here are some things to keep in mind when head wear is involved in the sport you play:

We all know that most people sweat when playing sports. Sweat can have a direct link to hair loss. Though sweating is a healthy mechanism to remove toxins from the body, an excess of sweat can be harmful to the hair and scalp. When lactic acid mixes with keratin in the hair it can lead to damage and hair loss.

Hats & Helmets
Hats and helmets don’t directly influence hair loss, but if a hat or helmet is fitted too tight it can cut off circulation to hair follicles. If your hat or helmet is pulling at your hair when you remove it you might be at risk for gradual thinning of hair. Most men enjoy wearing hats specifically to cover up their already thinning hair or protect themselves from the sun.

If these things could be leading you to thinning hair, before you go pick up an over the counter, New England Associates® can provide you with multiple proven hair solutions that will keep your hair and scalp healthy. Including our easy to use line of HairStart™ products!

Hair Restoration
Chris was an avid golfer and enjoyed being outdoors a lot. When he started losing his hair, like most guys he was “very self-conscious and wanted to do something to improve his situation.” Being someone that loved sports, a full head of hair was important to him. Chris tried laser hair therapy since shaving his head wasn’t an option. The laser hair therapy stimulated his hair growth and gave him his confidence back.

Laser hair therapy is just one of the many options that NEA provides for its clients. If you want to get ahead of the game, contact us for your first free hair and scalp examination. We’ll examine how significant your hair loss is and come up with solution best for YOU.

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Disclaimer: As with all procedures, results may vary.  Whether or not these procedures will have the intended results will be determined in your private evaluation with your hair loss consultant