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National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is “National Hair Loss Awareness Month”. But the millions and millions of people who are affected by some sort of hair loss are already very aware of it. Hair loss can come in many different ways and be caused by many different factors. It can be Alopecia areata which is a condition where the […]

Arthritis Medicine Offers Hope to Millions as Hair-Loss Cure

Two years ago we told you about a hairless man who grew hair back while participating in a study of an arthritis drug. Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, ABC News in New York reported on a woman who has been taking medication for arthritis and has grown her hair back. She has Alopecia Areata, […]

Hair & Scalp and Your Health

There are many medical conditions and prescriptions that can affect our hair, but sometimes what someone might think is a problem, could just be that they need a little help taking care of their hair and/or scalp. Shedding Some experts estimate that we may shed a hundred or more hairs a day. Usually this is […]

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is the loss or thinning of hair. There are two main types of alopecia: • “Scarring”, in which hair follicles are destroyed • “Non-scarring”, which can be reversed because there are still hair follicles within the skin. Use of the words “scarring” and non-scarring” can be confusing and misleading because they do not necessarily […]

Completely Hairless Man Grows Full Head of Hair in Drug Trial

It has been reported in the news recently that a 25 year-old man has grown hair as a result of a Yale drug study. The man suffers from Alopecia Universalis, which is a rare disease that causes the loss of almost all hair on the entire body. He started growing hair on his head and […]

What is Scarring Alopecia?

Nearly 3% of hair loss patients are diagnosed with scarring alopecia. But what is it? Scarring alopecia is also known as cicatricial alopecia. Although each diagnosis in specific categories are rare, some examples of the hair loss disorders are follicular degeneration syndrome, dissecting cellulitis, lichen planopilaris and many more.  However, no matter what type of […]