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Summer Hair Loss

Do you notice more hair falling out this summer? Hair loss in summer is quite common but it can often be controlled if cared for properly. Here are some things that you can try to help minimize summer hair loss: • Do not expose your scalp to too much harsh sunlight. A loosely-wrapped scarf can […]

One Hundred Years of Men’s Hairstyles

This video shows a man going through the most popular hairstyles of the last hundred years:   If you would like to have any of those hairstyles (or anything else) but you have been unable to get done because your hair has been thinning or falling out, New England Associates® can help you! There are a number […]

‘Man-Bun’ Madness

A few months ago we told you about the “man-bun” being linked to possible bad things and last week Google announced that the man-bun is the most popular male hairstyle search over the past year.   Thanks to the influence of celebrities and social media’s “hashtag” “#manbunmonday”, Google says that of all queries about the […]