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People can be Picky about Their Hair

This is a conversation that can happen between any two people at any salon. Even between two big actors in New York City: If you are as particular about your hair as they are about theirs, but perhaps you’re not quite satisfied with the way your stylist covers any thinning areas you may have, visit […]

People Are Talking!

See what these people have to say about how New England Associates® has helped them Look As Good As They Feel!™     At New England Associates® you will find every successful method that effectively stops hair loss and repairs, replaces, restores or re-grows lost hair. If you’re interested in improving your hair’s appearance contact […]

Matt Damon Has a Ponytail and People are Freaking Out

Award-winning actor Matt Damon was seen with a ponytail at a press conference in China recently and it has been the topic of a lot of Internet and Social Media activity.   Most media outlets seem to love it, although some people appear to be shocked about an actor changing his or her looks so […]