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The Biggest Thing to Happen in Hair Restoration is Happening Right Here at New England Associates®!

New England Associates® offers every successful procedure to repair, replace, restore and rejuvenate hair. Hair damaged from chemical processing, colors, perms, etc.? We can help that. Hair thinning? We have proven methods to thicken thinning hair. Hair loss? We have procedures to add hair to thinning hair, creating thicker hair. Bald? We have procedures that […]

Things Men with Thinning Hair Should Avoid

Things like stress, poor nutrition, and certain medicines can help contribute to male hair loss. Some of these are more easily resolvable than others. When a man notices that his hair is beginning to thin, there are a few things that should be avoided because they tend to make the thinning hair worse: • Products […]

People Are Talking!

See what these people have to say about how New England Associates® has helped them Look As Good As They Feel!™     At New England Associates® you will find every successful method that effectively stops hair loss and repairs, replaces, restores or re-grows lost hair. If you’re interested in improving your hair’s appearance contact […]

One Hundred Years of Men’s Hairstyles

This video shows a man going through the most popular hairstyles of the last hundred years:   If you would like to have any of those hairstyles (or anything else) but you have been unable to get done because your hair has been thinning or falling out, New England Associates® can help you! There are a number […]

‘Man-Bun’ Madness

A few months ago we told you about the “man-bun” being linked to possible bad things and last week Google announced that the man-bun is the most popular male hairstyle search over the past year.   Thanks to the influence of celebrities and social media’s “hashtag” “#manbunmonday”, Google says that of all queries about the […]

What You Can do to Draw Attention Away From Your Thinning Hair

There are many causes of hair loss and it can be an emotional and stressful experience for people affected by it. There are some things you can try so it doesn’t seem so obvious to people looking at you: • Shorter haircuts. Shorter hair gives the appearance of fuller hair whereas longer hair, especially on […]

WZID Women’s Expo

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to see us at the WZID Women’s Expo in Manchester, NH last week! We had a great time and enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and making new friends.   If you are not one of the people who received a portion of the $45,000 in services and treatments […]

Temporary Home Treatments for Thinning Hair

While it is never recommended to delay professional treatment for any potential medical condition including hair loss, there are some things which may help temporarily reduce your symptoms until you have a chance to see a trained hair loss specialist. Remember, only professionals can truly identify the cause of the problem and suggest more permanent […]