Take Care of Your Hair

Let’s take care of that hair and that hair will take care of you.

A typical adult male or female has approximately 100,000 hairs (blondes approximately 150,000; redheads 90,000) growing before any hair loss occurs. Now that may sound like a lot but after the hair loss starts, some people end up with none. So let’s take care of the hair we have and get the most out of it.

A quality hair cleanser will cleanse the hair without stripping away the essential elements needed for healthy-looking hair so always use only quality hair shampoos or cleansers like NEA Normal to Dry, Normal, Mint Blue, Phase IV or HairStart® Gentle Cleanse™.

Heavy scrubbing of hair can increase friction between cuticle layers protecting the hair shaft, so let’s try utilizing a gentler process of cleansing the hair.

All shampoos and cleansers should be applied to wet hair so thoroughly hydrate hair before applying any cleanser. (Note the type of water you cleanse with, whether it’s well water, treated water or lake water, and the current condition of your hair, will determine which shampoo or cleanser is best for you.)

Utilizing a quality hair shampoo or cleanser, apply a small amount of product onto the palm of your hand, approximately the size of an American Nickel (more may be needed depending on hair length and cleanser type), then rub your hands together to distribute the product onto both hands. Starting at the area you typically part your hair, or from front to back, gently apply cleanser to hair, lightly scrubbing back and forth as you work your way from the part area to the ends of your hair. Repeat this cleansing motion 2-3 times, more if necessary.

Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly to remove all signs of product.

Repeat if necessary.

The single best product I could discuss is NEA Protein Treatment Formula. This unique formula adds protein directly to your hair, helping to repair hair damaged from chemical procedures, artificial and natural enemies. Easy to apply, simply spray NEA Protein Treatment Formula throughout your damp hair while in the shower. (Do not rinse at this time.)

Next, apply the recommended NEA Conditioner (Moisturizing, Low Soft, Replenish Deep Condition or HairStart® Condition25™) to the palms of your hands, rub hands together, and gently spread evenly through your hair directly over the Protein spray.

Longer hair may benefit from gently combing conditioners through your hair at this time.

Protein spray and the Conditioner should remain in your hair 2-5 minutes.

Rinse hair and scalp thoroughly.

Towel blot-dry, do not rub. Again, rubbing creates friction and friction damages the hair cuticles creating damaged looking hair.

Spray hair lightly with NEA Conditioning Mist to help protect your hair and for ease of combing and styling. Conditioning Mist reduces tangling and is beneficial to maintaining the quality of your hair and protecting its condition.

Apply your preferred choice of NEA Grooming Aids, Glaze, Gel, Hair Spray (Light or Firm Hold), Styling Lotion or Mousse, throughout all your hair. (Apply Gels and Glaze on hands first then distribute throughout hair similar to applying conditioner.) Most NEA products can be applied to damp or dry hair (see bottle for recommendations or ask your Technician), resulting in a different appearance. We encourage you to try all NEA product and experiment with wet and dry applications to find the styling process you desire most.

Utilizing a vent type brush (one with few bristles, typically made of plastic), brush hair into desired style. Note: Never use a natural fiber brush on hair as it will also damage cuticle layers.

If blow-drying, put setting on low heat and use a warm setting, not hot.

If you prefer not to blow-dry, you may let you hair air dry with our styling sprays or styling gel. Once dried you can quickly brush your hair with your hands to eliminate the styled look if you wish.

To give your hair an immediate shine and healthy appearance at any time or for any special event add a couple drops of NEA Healthy Hair directly to DRY hair, distributed throughout with your hands. Healthy Hair adds luster to all hair types and as with all NEA and HairStart® products, washes completely from your hair and scalp.

And finally HairStart® Essentials™, a healthy hair supplement that contains 11 opposing DHT ingredients from affecting multiple hair concerns. This patented hair nutritional is an advanced herbal alternative that works from the inside with vitamins and marine complexes.

For your hair to always look and feel its best, proper maintenance is required. For this reason New England Associates® offers a full service, fully staffed, hair replacement maintenance department. Our professional staff is available to service your hair and offer style recommendations based on individual needs and desires.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime:

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Take care of your hair and your hair will take care of you. Because great-looking hair helps you Look As Good As You Feel!™


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