Untangling Long/Thin Hair

With summer in full-swing, it’s a shame if you can’t enjoy going out on a boat or going out for a drive with your windows or sunroof open because your long and/or thin hair constantly gets tangled. If you avoid the fresh air because of such tangles, here are a few tips that may help you so you don’t damage your hair by trying to pull out the knots.

For immediate results:

• Use a detangler product from your local store or use Conditioning Mist from New England Associates®. Apply using a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush.

• You can try to wet your hair and apply cream conditioner (see notes below about conditioners). Use a wide-tooth comb to slowly work your way up from the ends of your hair. Whatever you do, do not force the comb through because it can make tangles worse and will likely pull out your hair.


For longer-term help:

• Use conditioner on your hair after each washing. By keeping your hair well-moisturized, it can help reduce tangles by softening hair. HairStart® Condition25™ is perfect because it can be used as much as needed without worry and it adds necessary nutrients to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

• Conditioners that you leave in (and don’t wash out) may help. If you have oily hair, try a light conditioner that you leave in and apply while your hair is still damp.

• Avoid using shampoos and other hair products that contain alcohol because they can dry-out your hair.

• Some people have good results by massaging their scalp regularly with coconut oil or almond oil or olive oil, because these work as natural conditioners.

• You should air-dry or gently towel-dry your hair because the heat from a blow dryer strips necessary oils from the hair which can help cause it to tangle more easily.

• If you tie your hair back, make sure you use a hair band that is made for this purpose. A regular elastic or rubber band can pull hair out when removed, and metal hair clips can snag your hair.

• After swimming in a pool, make sure you shampoo your hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine residue because chlorine is extremely damaging to the hair and scalp.

• Avoid wearing hats because they can help lead to poor blood circulation which deprives hair of proper nutrition and inhibits new hair growth. Additionally, any sweat or grime around the rim of the hat can inhibit growth.


If you have already pulled out some knots you can have a trained professional examine your hair and scalp to be sure that there should be no long-term damage. Things like this are more easily corrected when taken care of early. The experts at New England Associates® will correctly identify such problems and help you review your options and solutions.

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