Warm weather is great, but not for your hair! Learn to care for your hair in hot weather.

Spring time is here and summer is approaching fast. The sun is out and we all enjoy this time to visit the beach or play in the yard.  We all know to protect our skin with sunscreen while outside for long periods of time, but did you know that your hair needs protection too? Here are some tips that may help you protect your hair from the hot summer sun this year.

Your hair needs vitamins and supplements just like your body especially when it’s exposed to harsher elements such as the sun, sand, or wind. One supplement that has been specifically created to benefit your hair and scalp is HairStart® Essentials, available at New England Associates®. For women with color-treated hair, your hair is at an even higher risk for dehydration and damage. The sun, chlorine, and saltwater are all factors to consider when playing outside on a sunny day.

The sun is the reason that most women have to color their hair twice as often in the summer time. Whereas, the chlorine and saltwater dry out and cause damage to the hair follicles.  The best way to protect color- treated hair during the summer time is to put an SPF product on your hair several times a day while you’re exposed to harsh temperatures. An easy way is to do this is to mix your ordinary SPF with water in a spray bottle and just spray it on your hair. This may help protect the color and prevent damage.

summerhaircareBut SPF isn’t for everyone. So who doesn’t love a big sun hat, bandana, or caps? They are cute, stylish, and protect your hair from the weather sometimes even better than a spray on SPF. Hats are a good source to use if you don’t want to lace your hair with SPF. Hats keep the sun exposure off of your hair and they help to keep the wind from turning your hair into a tangled mess. Especially if you are on a boat or riding with the top down in your convertible. Every women should have at least one hat they can put on when they know they will be exposed to sun for long periods of time.

However, we all know that complete coverage from the sun is impossible unless you never go outside. And what fun is that? To ensure that your hair stays healthy all summer long it is important to take care of it. After a long day of splashing in the pool or frolicking at the beach without SPF or Hats for hair protection you can always take care of your hair when you get home. At home be sure to wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that has nourishing factors such as vitamins and minerals. This will restore the shine that the sun has taken away. Also, after you get out of the shower it is important to spray on a leave in conditioner as this will ensure healthy hair growth and softness.

Keep in mind, if you’re experiencing hair loss, never self-diagnose yourself. The best thing you can do is come in and see a hair expert. If you’re interested in discussing more of this with a hair expert, call New England Associates®. At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair loss and making the right choice to solve it matters. We encourage you to take the time and review your options. Then come in for a no-cost, no-obligation private hair loss consultation.

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