What is Non-Surgical Hair Grafting?

Men and women everywhere suffer from hair loss, whether it’s stemmed from genetics or medical reasons. However, the challenge is not getting the hair back; its choosing which method of hair replacement will work best for you!  There are multiple surgical and nonsurgical procedures that may restore your hair, but this week we are discussing the option of Non-Surgical Hair Grafting.

First, let’s clarify the differences between surgical and non-surgical. Surgical hair grafting is a process where hair is taken from a fuller area of your scalp and implanted into areas of hair loss. Non-surgical grafting achieves the precise results of this surgery, but delivers them quickly, affordably, and painlessly.

Non-Surgical Hair Grafting is one of the latest technologies for replacing lost hair. It’s 100% real human hair and can be used in this non-invasive form of a hair implant. If hair restoration surgery is an option for you, be sure to consider the non-surgical option. You might find that it’s the best of both worlds.

There are many advantages men and women can gain by choosing Hair Grafting. First off, Hair Grafting provides results as quickly as you want it. If you want gradual results so no one notices it. Or if you want instant results so you can get your confidence back before that blind date, a hair grafting procedure can do it. Also, Hair Grafting allows you to choose the look you want and allows you to style your hair any way you want to.

With the latest groundbreaking Non-surgical techniques we are able to create as much or as little hair as you want. This technology allows us to restore your hair gradually (like you like it) or all at once. These procedures utilize proven non-surgical skin grafting techniques by adding skin like material to your scalp.

To learn more about Hair Grafting click here: http://www.hairstart.com/men.htm

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