You Can Play with Donald Trump’s Hair!

Donald Trump’s hair has long been the butt of many jokes and comedic fodder and there is also a website that lets you have a little fun with it yourself. You will see his eyes follow around the screen as you drag a trumpet around his face, tap or click to blow the horn, and watch what happens. You can try it yourself at

While we do not recommend ever blowing a real trumpet anywhere close to anyone’s ears, we do recommend a number of treatment options and items to help people keep as much of their own hair as possible and get back hair that they may lose.

At New England Associates® you will find every successful method that effectively stops hair loss and repairs, replaces, restores or regrows lost hair. If you’re interested in improving your hair’s appearance, contact the professionals at New England Associates® today to request a no-cost, no-obligation private hair loss consultation and microscopic hair and scalp examination to identify problem areas and help you with the options and solutions that would be best-suited for you and your lifestyle.

At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair problems, and making the right choice to solve them, matters.

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Since 1982 New England Associates® has known hair loss is as individual as you are. New England Associates® offers all of the procedures that work to repair, replace, restore, and grow hair. We are members of the American Hair Loss Council and the Better Business Bureau. Locations include Wakefield, MA and Manchester, NH. Our hair restoration options include hair and scalp treatments, non-medical hair replacement, laser hair therapy treatments, hair transplants and shampoos and vitamins for fine and thinning hair.