Is Your Diet Affecting Your Hair Growth?

We all know a well-balanced diet can lead to better health, but who knew it could lead to healthier hair. A well- balanced diet can help improve the look and feel of your hair. That’s right! Eating protein, Iron and other essential nutrients may help your hair go from dry damaged hair to shiny luxurious hair.

dietProtein is the most important nutrient when it comes to healthy hair. Think about it, your hair is mostly made up of protein. So it makes sense that it needs protein to grow properly. Your hair has different stages of growth. Ninety percent of the time the hair is in the growing stage and then it enters a resting phase that leads to the shedding stage. If you are not eating enough protein your hair may not grow back after it sheds. It’s like asking your body to run a marathon with no water; it’s not going to end well.

Your hair also needs Iron and other nutrients to grow like it is supposed to. Iron helps build the protein mass that allows the hair to grow. Also if your body lacks any other nutrients such as Vitamin D, E or C it may lead to a slowdown in hair growth or even result in hair loss. Many doctors can prescribe supplements for these nutrients, but most recommend a true well-balanced diet.

However, if you are trying to lose weight to become healthy, you may need to take supplements to make sure you are getting enough nutrients for a healthy body and a healthy head of hair. Many times when people lose weight rapidly they are nutrient deficient, which may result in rapid hair loss because the body is not getting the essential nutrients it needs to continue hair growth.

Some healthy foods to encourage hair growth are carrots, eggs, meats (but not too much of red meat, try to lean more towards white meat.) nuts, peppers, fish and sweet potatoes. However, eating too much of sugar may increase hair loss. Sweets are not good for your body or hair. Sweets make the body work harder to produce insulin, which may take away from its ability to grow hair.

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Keep in mind, if you’re experiencing hair loss, never self-diagnose yourself. The best thing you can do is come in and see a hair expert.

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