Summer Hair Loss

Do you notice more hair falling out this summer? Hair loss in summer is quite common but it can often be controlled if cared for properly. Here are some things that you can try to help minimize summer hair loss:

• Do not expose your scalp to too much harsh sunlight. A loosely-wrapped scarf can be one of the best ways to help keep some damaging UV rays away. While it isn’t good to wear tight-fitting hats because they can help lead to poor blood circulation which deprives hair of proper nutrition, loose clean hats may not be bad in moderation.

• Drink plenty of water. People tend to become dehydrated quickly during the summer. When water is absorbed and properly circulated throughout the body and scalp, it helps keep hair follicles moist and flexible and it improves the texture of hair. Water also flushes toxins out of the body which can lead to problems with hair.

• Consider your diet. A healthy diet is essential for hair growth because hair needs protein and calcium and minerals. Certain nuts can help promote hair growth and green leafy vegetables can help promote thicker hair.

• Limit chemical-use on your hair and use top quality hair care items that are rich in nutrition that is required by hair.

• After swimming in a pool but if you do, make sure you shampoo your hair as soon as possible to remove any chlorine residue because chlorine is extremely damaging to the hair and scalp.

• Use a wide-toothed comb. Tight brushes can pull your hair too hard.

• Warm oil massages a few times a week can help the roots of your hair to get stronger which can prevent some hair loss, and they work as natural conditioners. Among the best oils to use are coconut oil, almond oil, and olive oil.


If you feel that your hair shedding may be too much or may be abnormal, you can see a hair expert at New England Associates® and have a free examination of your hair and scalp to be sure that there is no damage and to find out what can be done in case there is a problem. The professionals at New England Associates® will correctly identify the reason for your symptoms and help you review your options and solutions.

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