Is Summer-Swimming Hurting your Hair?

Quite possibly.

Salt water in the ocean, as well as chlorine in pool water, can both easily damage our hair. Especially considering that blazing hot sun and high heat and humidity are often problems too. If you’re enjoying time outdoors hiking or golfing or puttering around in your garden, try to cover your hair and scalp with a loose scarf or wrap, or a big loose beach hat as often as you can.

After spending time swimming under the sun, taking a shower as soon as possible is almost a necessity to get rid of any damaging salt or chlorine residue. New England Associates® has a special shampoo called “Phase 4” which has been specifically formulated to remove mineral and chemical deposits caused by pools and ocean water (and even chemical processing such as perms or dyes).

NEA Phase 4 is available as a single item and it is also part of the “Swimmers & Mineral-Busting Bundle” which includes NEA Replenish Deep Conditioning Treatment and NEA Protein Treatment Formula which are both excellent for damaged hair. There is also a version of the “Swimmers & Mineral-Busting Bundle” that adds NEA Conditioning Mist which helps with detangling and protection from heat, among other things.


Speaking of detangling your hair, whether after swimming or after the shower or after riding on a boat or in your car with the windows open and top down, you should never be harsh while trying to get the knots out. Here is what you can do about it:

You can read more about summer hair care and tips from the experts at New England Associates® to keep your hair healthy all summer long at

If you feel that your hair is becoming dry or brittle from swimming or from the summer sun, you should consider getting your hair and scalp evaluated to be sure there is no permanent damage being caused and to find out what can be done in case there is indeed a problem.

The professionals at New England Associates® will check out your hair and scalp under a very powerful microscope and point out to you anything that may not look quite right. Then if needed, we will help you review all of the options and solutions and possibilities that would be best-suited for you.

It starts with an easy no-cost, no-obligation private consultation that you can schedule just about any time. Contact New England Associates® today to visit us at one of our locations. If you can’t make it in-person, we can help you decide which of our products at may be the best for you to order and have delivered to your door.

At New England Associates®, how you feel about your hair, and making the right choice to solve problems, matters.

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